To Flash or Not To Flash: Apex 4.2 answers the question.

November 12, 2012 at 11:33 am | Posted in Oracle Developement | 1 Comment

Apex 4.2 now includes HTML 5 charts which allow chart rendering on the many mobile devices that do not support Flash. In the chart settings you may be inclined to choose the Chart Rendering setting HTML5 Chart, if you expect at least some of your clients to be of the non-Flash rendering variety. However, you can leave that setting at Flash Chart, because if a non-Flash device renders the page, Apex will automatically switch to HTML5 charts.

This is done by the new Anychart 6 attribute anychart.renderingType. When the Flash Chart rendering type is selected in the chart settings, this attribute is set to FLASH_PREFERRED. This means that when Flash is available, a Flash chart is rendered. If not, the chart is rendered in HTML5.

When HTML5 Chart is selected in the chart settings, the anychart.renderingType is set to SVG_ONLY, meaning only HTML5 charts will be rendered.

Also see Anycharts documentation.


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