Adding a Logo to your APEX login page

July 8, 2013 at 10:46 am | Posted in Oracle Developement | 5 Comments

To add a logo to your application’s login page is quite easy to do. I chose to place the company logo into the Login region, where the username and password fields are. To do this I edited the Login region on my login page (101). In the Attributes region is a place to put a Region Image. There I placed the reference to my company logo, which I had previously added to the images in the application’s shared components.

When I ran the page, I noticed that the image was a little too high for my taste.


I decided to add a top margin to push it down a bit. Using Firebug, I located the image and added a margin attribute, and played with the values until I had it in the right spot.


I made a note of the margin setting, and added it to the Image Tag Attributes of the Login region of page 101.



The final result shows the company logo in the right place in the login region.




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  1. Reblogged this on EasyOraDBA | Shadab Mohammad.

  2. Hi, I am trying to place image in background on login page. with your example i could see only in login form but i would like to place the image as background. Your help is highly appreciated. I am using oracle Apex 5 and i am new.

  3. Please provide step by step if possible.

    • We are able to see image only inside the form, If i want as background, then what all should i need to do.However, thanks a lot for your guidance.

      I am new to Oracle Apex, Basically i am Database Architect with strong PL/SQL knowledge, Thought to learn Apex and do slowly move into ADF and MAF. Could you please suggest the path what i have choose is correct or something more need to learn before getting involve.

      Your suggestions and guidance is highly appreciated.

      Satish Vemuri

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