Configuring Logging in Oracle Application Express Listener 2.0.1

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Here is an excellent post about enabling logging in the Apex Listener/ORDS.

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Simple Logging

The easiest way to turn logging on in Listener 2.0.1 is to use Oracle SQL Developer to turn on the debug.debugger setting:

  • Launch SQL Developer
  • Select View|APEX Listener from the main menu
  • Right click on Listener and choose Connect...
  • Choose an existing connection or create a new connection
  • Enter the credentials for the Listener Administrator user
  • In the tree view naviagate to the Listener>Administration>Global Settings>Environment>Error Reporting node. Tick the Show debug messages on the console option.
  • Click the Upload button from the toolbar (5th from left), and click yes to confirm the upload.
  • The changes will immediately take effect on the Listener instance

Alternatively if your prefer you can edit the defaults.xml Listener configuration file directly. Adding the following to the file to enable logging:

You must restart the Listener instance after editing defaults.xml manually.

Displaying logging information on the Error Page

Listener can be configured to display…

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