Hierarchical Query: Get the ancestors in top down order

June 25, 2015 at 4:39 pm | Posted in Oracle Developement | Leave a comment

This query starts with the leaf node and climbs up the hierarchy to the top ancestor. It then displays the result in the usual top-down order:

CMR@vrep > list
 select lvl
   from (select level    lvl
	    ,lpad(' ', 2 * (  
                     over () - level)
                 , ' ')
	     ||', '
	     ||ename employee
	    ,rownum  rn
       from emp
     connect by empno=prior mgr
     start with ename=upper('&ename'))
  order by rn desc

CMR@vrep > /
Enter value for ename: adams

---------- --------------------------
     4      7839, KING
     3        7566, JONES
     2          7788, SCOTT
     1           7876, ADAMS

CMR@vrep >



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