Using Sublime with Git

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Here is an excellent quick tutorial on how to use the Git plugin for Sublime.



Is APEX Secure?

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Please take a look a Joel Kallman’s post about how secure APEX is. The comments below are interesting as well: Let’s Wreck This Together…with Oracle Application Express!: Is Oracle Application Express Secure?

APEX5 UT remote control for collapsible regions

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A colleque of mine recently had the wish to be able to control the state of a collapsible region using a page item.

This is how a simple report region using the “Collapsible” region template looks like.

Collapsible regions  in APEX

We now want to control the state of the region by a page item. For example if the item is NO or 0 then the region should be expanded, if it is YES or 1 then the region should be collapsed.

There are three general options how to do that.

  1. Simulate the click on the region button
  2. Dynamically switch css classes
  3. Set the template option based upon some page item value

I’ll show how to implement all three possibilities.

There is also demo on to show the different options.
Login: guest/information

Option 1: click the button

Option 1

First we create a page item that should influence the state of our region. I’ve…

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Generating JSON with PL/SQL and APEX_JSON

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Carsten Czarski wrote an excellent post on how to use the APEX_JSON package included in APEX 5, to generate JSON from table data. The post can be viewed in English by clicking the Show posts in english link at the top.

APEX_JSON without APEX: Generate JSON with SQL and PL/SQL

Run Dynamic Action from JavaScript

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I found this very useful trick of calling Dynamic Actions from JavaScript on Jeff Eberhard’s blog. Check it out! Make sure to read the comments below for changes to APEX 5.



Apex report with LEVEL indentation using CONNECT BY

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Nice trick to add indentation for hierarchical reports in APEX.

Welcome to Paul Flynn's Blog

How to keep the indentation generated using the reserved work LEVEL in a query which uses CONNECT BY

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APEX 5: Adding an icon to a report column

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On a report, I needed to display a delete icon, that changes colors on hover. Here is how I went about it:


In the report, I set the the Customer ID column to type Plain Text. And added the following code to the HTML Expression:

<span class=”delIcon fa-stack”>
<i class=”fa fa-square-o fa-stack-2x”></i>
<i class=”fa fa-remove fa-stack-1x” style=”line-height: 20px;”></i>

I got the code snippet from the FontAwesome website. It simply stacks two fontawesome icons on top of each other. I added the class dellIcon to the span, so I could control the color and the hover behavior.


The following CSS adds the color and the hover color to the icon:

.delIcon {
color: #EF9A9A;

.delIcon:hover {
color: #D32F2F;


That’s it.

APEX 5 Page Designer Plugin

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Filip Van Vooren created browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox to allow you to customize the APEX 5 page designer.

Check out his blog post for details.


The xPlug Chrome extension allows you to pin the gird layout to the right.

APEX & Raspberry Pi Game

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This is a proof of concept for a multiplayer game in Oracle APEX. Players log into an APEX application and choose a team (Blue/Red). Then the game presents each player with a page and a randomly chosen math problem. The page however is “locked” by a modal page telling the player that the game is paused.

The button the the Raspberry Pi controls the game state: Stopped, Ready, Running. When the game is stopped or ready, the player’s screens are blocked with the modal window.

A breadboard with a LED and two buttons is connected to the Raspberry Pi (the blue button doesn’t do anything).

The red button cycles through the games states. When the game is in Running state, the modal window goes away, and the players can answer the math question. When the button is pressed again, the game goes into Stopped state, and the modal window pops up, preventing the players from answering more questions.

In addition, the LED also shows the game state: Off- game stopped, Blinking – ready, On – running.

The interaction between the Raspberry Pi and APEX is done through Node.js utilizing Node4ORDS and

This video shows me cycling through the three game states. There are four players connected: Red team on phones, Blue team on separate browsers.
At first the game is Stopped (LED off, modal window up), the first button press puts the game in Ready state (LED blinks, modal window up). The second button press puts the game in running state (LED on, modal window disappears). The final button press puts the game back int Stopped state (LED off, modal window up).

Quick & Dirty: APEX 5 – Change size of Modal Dialog page

September 2, 2015 at 6:05 pm | Posted in Oracle Developement | 3 Comments

To change the size (height/width) of a modal dialog page in APEX 5, edit the modal page’s page attributes, and edit the attributes of the Dialog section:


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