A HAWCS Perspective

 Fourth Quarter 2012


Welcome to the HAWCS Newsletter for the fourth quarter of the year.


What’s in this Newsletter?


Please consider being part of our Beta Partner Program.  A brief note regarding this Program is included.


In our Highlights section, there are two exciting topics: the announcement of the 2013 Hotsos Symposium, and a HAWCS feature that provides the ability to add selected (custom) tables to the HAWCS implementation; that is, custom table tracking through HAWCS is available!


There’s Oracle Enterprise Manager and AWR reporting, so what makes HAWCS unique?  The Feature Focus section discusses this and explores one of the many great tools available in HAWCS.  HAWCS delivers over 45 major features in the current release.  Please contact us and we’ll be glad to send you the list.


We are nearing the release of HAWCS version 5.0.0.  We focus on one of the new product features in the HAWCS 5.0 New Features Preview section.


As always, our contact information is at the bottom of this Newsletter.  We look forward to hear from you!




Early field trials


We are looking for EBS customers to be a part of the Hotsos HAWCS Beta Partner program; particularly, in the testing of our Long Running Sessions feature.


HAWCS currently characterizes EBS sessions after they have logged out, either with a standard LOGOFF or — if Session Auditing is enabled — through an aborted session with LOGOFF BY CLEANUP.  “Long running” sessions are not collected until they terminate; for example, Connection Pooling sessions will not be reported until they terminate.  This has changed with the Long Running Sessions feature.


A HAWCS process installed in the EBS database monitors sessions and identifies those that have not terminated for a specific amount of time, qualifying them as “Long running”.  Statistics are gathered on these sessions and they are reported through standard HAWCS data collections.


If you would like to have first access to the new HAWCS code and to assist with our early field trails, we would like to hear from you.  For more details, please contact us at support@hotsos.com.


Start planning to attend the 2013 Hotsos Symposium

This unique yearly symposium, focused entirely upon Oracle Performance, will be held at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas (Irving), Texas, from March 3 – 7, 2013.  “Extreme Early bird” registration, with discount pricing, is still available through September 30, 2012!  Call Rhonda Kristof at 1.877.488.6200, ext. 550 to discuss group discounts.  Read more about pricing and registration at http://www.hotsos.com/sym13/sym_reg.html

Please book your room early.  Registration is well ahead of last year’s schedule, and we expect the hotel to sell out.


Symposium always attracts the most talented speakers in the world of Oracle Performance.  This year, the list includes Maria Colgan, Cary Millsap, Alex Gorbachev, Andy Zitelli, Gwen Shapira, Karen Morton, Neil Gunther, Stephan Haisley, Tim Gorman, Toon Koppelaars, and many others.


You can request HAWCS to track tables of your choice

HAWCS tracks the volume of detail lines generated by thirteen (13) accounting disciplines, including General Ledger, Inventory, and Accounts Receivable.  We refer to these counts as Work Product counts.  A little-known feature of HAWCS is its ability to add tables to the standard list so HAWCS can track the volume activity for the tables you choose.


Here is an example of a HAWCS screen wherein Work Product counts are displayed for January 24, 2012:





You can add other tables to the list.  There are other charts and reports in HAWCS that also reflect these table counts.  Call us to discuss the process involved with including selected tables in HAWCS.










FEATURE FOCUS – what makes HAWCS unique?

HAWCS delivers over 45 major features in version 4.3


HAWCS provides the ability to examine space utilization for all Tablespaces in your selected Database.  Access is quick and easy.  Click the Admin tab (upper right on the screen), then EBS Health Check in the sub-tabs across the top of the screen.  From there, click the Data Files button and drill down on the day of your choice.  You will see a chart similar to this one:





You can drill down even more by clicking on a Tablespace.  Space usage by Data File within the selected Tablespace will be displayed.


HAWCS 5.0 New Features Preview


A new way to organize data, under user control, dominates this version


This new version of HAWCS will provide the ability for users to organize the EBS performance data by Business Unit to provide visibility to which Business Organizations are consuming the resources of the EBS system.  This is done by creating groups of session modules and assigning them to business functions.  These business functions are then rolled up into a Business Unit.


HAWCS is installed with some pre-defined groups; however, these may be changed by the user according to job groups that make the most sense to the users’ particular needs.  For instance, a highest-level (“Summary”) Business Unit might be Finance. Within that Summary Group may be such lower-level Functional Groups like Advanced Pricing, Assets, Bills of Material, Custom AP, and many more.  Each lower-level Functional Groups may consist of many Oracle Modules and Programs.


Here is a HAWCS screen that illustrates this explanation:




Please note the existence of several (high-level) Summary Groups: Operations, Other, Finance, Manufacturing, and so on.  The Functional Groups are each assigned to a Summary Group; that is, Advanced Pricing is assigned to Operations, Alert is assigned to Operations, Application Object Library to Other, and so on.


On the right side of the screen, a further breakdown shows a number of Modules have already been assigned to the Bills of Material Functional Group: CSTRUSTA, BOMFQWIN, BOMFDORS, and so forth.


Performance Costs (LIOs) are totaled for all of the defined Summary Functional Groups, as illustrated by this HAWCS chart:




This was a quick review of some of the Functional Group features for the new product.  For a complete set of Release Notes for this new version, please contact Hotsos Support.




Please contact Support to set up a one-hour Feature Overview online session to explore the use of HAWCS and see the benefits of upgrading to the current production release, version 4.3.


Contact support@hotsos.com and we’ll be happy to provide more information or assist in your upgrade process.  (It’s free under the HAWCS Maintenance agreement.)


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